Mad Man and Sane Man

Nov. 14, 2020

There is a mad man inside of me. He wants instant gratification and don’t want to do hard labor. He is always saying me that I am not good enough and what I should have done in some distant past event. He tries to bring anxiety from the future and put it in my lap. He is never happy and always demanding something that is not in my control. He tells me to skip gym days and meditation sessions. He wants me to stay away from physical activities. He tells me to eat cheese and liqor every evening and watch netflix with feet over the coffee table. He tells me that life is but pleasure. He gossips with me about the flaws of other people. He tells me what negative other people might be thinking about me. He is always negative, never happy and never satisfied.

BUT there is a sane man inside of me. He understands that the mad man is just a loud mouth. He beats up the mad man and scares him away. The sane man tells me that everything is perfect in this exact moment and nothing is lacking. He tells me to continue to go through the struggle of discipline , for discipline brings freedom and all good thing in life is the result of compound interest. He tells me to never skip the gym and inspires me to stay mindful all the time. He tells me that I cannot change other people but can only change myself with good habits and positive thinking. He wants me to wake up on time. He tells me to never indulge in gossip. He wants me to know that what other people are doing and saying is completely out of my control. If other people are thinking negative, then their judgement are clouded and it’s not their fault. They each have their own mad man inside of them preventing them from doing productive things in life. He tells me that happiness is internal and a state of mind. He is always positive, happy and ever satisfied.

The war between the sane man and the mad man is constant. If we put the war mathematically, the man scoring above 50 out of 100 full points is the winner. And the sane man is always above 50. He is scoring more and more as I continue to listen to him. The mad man is getting weaker and weaker. These two are in each one of us. A person denying this nature instilled facts are in for bad surprises in life. It will not do the person good. Sooner a person accepts and start listening to the sane man, sooner their life starts becoming beautiful. There is a choice. Break the matrix and start listening to the sane man. Nourish him and make him a powerful beast. Start living…