Nov. 14, 2020

Mad Man and Sane Man

There is a mad man inside of me. He wants instant gratification and don’t want to do hard labor. He is always saying me that I am not good enough and what I should have done in some distant past event. He tries to bring anxiety from the future and put it in my lap. He is never happy and always demanding something that is not in my control. He tells me to skip gym days and meditation sessions.
Sep. 22, 2020

Thought Experiment #1 - On Senses

When we go through our daily life and analyse our behaviour, we basically view our world through our five senses. What if….(a big what if), our main goal for existence is to experience this beautiful world through our senses and then send the data to some other dimension. The steps involved could be; we get the worldly data through our senses, interpret it and send the feedback to some other dimension.
Aug. 24, 2020

"Hello Mars" in 20 Popular Programming Languages

The title says it all. I picked these languages as per their popularity from stack overflow developer survey. The ordering below is alphabetical. 1. Assembly section .text global _start _start: mov edx,len mov ecx,msg mov ebx,1 mov eax,4 int 0x80 mov eax,1 int 0x80 section .data msg db 'Hello, Mars!',0xa len equ $ - msg 2. C #include <stdio.h> int main(){ printf("Hello, Mars!"); return 0; } 3. C++ #include <iostream> int main(){ std::cout <<"Hello, Mars!
Jan. 1, 0001